The volleyball team at Caledonia High School Volleyball honored a teammate killed in a car crash last week. The jersey of 16-year-old Macayla Kohn was displayed at her seat on the team's bench as her teammates played their first match since the crash.

The team wore special t-shirts before the game, as they were announced, each of her teammates put a white rose on her chair.

Macayla Kohn, 16, was killed on Friday, Oct. 28, on Cherry Valley Avenue, south of 76th Street.

Kohn played for the Fighting Scots varsity volleyball team, which hosts Thornapple Kellogg tonight, 6 p.m. Tuesday, Oct. 1. She also was a member of the varsity softball team.

Kohn's No. 14 jersey and shoes remained on the chair during the game.

Macayla Kohn, 16