A Coopersville woman is reaching some rare territory: she's closing in on being six-years deep into life as a centenarian.

In Dec. 12, 2016, Ruth Brifling will turn 106 years old.

Only 39 people in recorded history have reached 115 years old and beyond. One of them was a woman by the name of Jeanne Calment who happened to live to be 122. Calment set a record for human longevity before she passed away in 1997.

Ruth Brifling is still 16 years away from catching up to Calment, but there's no arguing with the fact that she's closer than most.

Ruth's friends and family gathered on Saturday, Nov. 26 in Muskegon for a celebration -- a few weeks early.

Some of her life accomplishments include being the founding member of Coopersville Bible Church many, many years ago. She also acquired and beat colon cancer when she was in her early 90s.

Today, she continues to live by herself in her Coopersville apartment, tending to most of her own chores.

One thing is for certain: turning 106 hasn't "aged" Ruth's sense of humor, and it certainly won't be preventing her from telling it like it is.

When asked what Ruth is looking forward to in her upcoming 106th year of life, she jokingly said, "There's nothing to look forward to when you get to my age; just a casket; that's all; that's all you get."

Despite her obvious and sharp sense of humor, Ruth says she has plenty to look forward to. She's a member of the Coopersville Old Kids choir and will soon be traveling all around Ottawa County singing to various groups.

She also continues to possess valuable commodities -- her good health and her independence.

The casket can wait, Ruth!

Happy 106th.

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