Michigan isn't the most polite state in a nationwide survey of driver attitudes.

But compared to Ohio drivers, Michiganders look like saints.

With a ranking of No. 15, Michigan is well ahead of its neighbor to the south at No. 35 and right between Arizona at No. 14 and Florida at No. 16. Idaho came in at No. 1; New York was last.

"Michigan drivers respond poorly to being tailgated, but have no fear! They are the most polite when it comes to backed-up exit lanes and speedy drivers trying to pass on the left," according to the group that commissioned the survey, the nonprofit Kars4Kids.

The survey results were compiled in March and April from 2,500 respondents — 50 in each state — who were 18 and older.

The 10 questions in the survey focus on attitudes about a range of often troublesome driving topics including using signals, merging, parking etiquette and tailgating.

Other highlights: The survey found women more courteous than men, older drivers more courteous than younger drivers and Westerners more courteous than drivers in other parts of the country.

The survey is part of the Kars4Kids Drive Human campaign to promote better driving habits. The campaign includes a video of cart-pushing grocery store shoppers with names like "The Daredevil," "The Multitasker" and "The Slow Poke" to ask viewers, "How would it look if you behaved the way you drove?"

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For the full survey results, go to www.kars4kids.org/drive-human/research.asp