A student at Royal Oak Middle School who admitted to placing a noose in a boys bathroom Friday has been removed from the school.

That action was announced in a statement late this afternoon from Shawn Lewis-Lakin, the superintendent of the Royal Oak Schools.

Lewis-Lakin said in the statement that an investigation by school personnel and the Royal Oak Police Department identified the student, who admitted to placing the noose.

"The Royal Oak Police investigation into this matter is continuing," Lewis-Lakin said.

The noose incident added to an already tense situation in the school, coming more than a week after a small group of students at the school were captured on a now-viral video chanting "build the wall," the day after Donald Trump was elected president.

The chant was a nod to Trump's immigration policies, which include plans to build a wall to restrict immigrants from coming into the country.

"At Royal Oak Schools, we will not tolerate intimidation, threats, harassment or bullying," Lewis-Lakin said in the statement.

To that end, he said that on Monday, he and the principal of the middle school will conduct meetings with each grade "to reiterate and reinforce our school's strict policies on intimidation, threats, harassment and bullying."

"We will remind our students that inappropriate words or actions will be taken seriously and carry serious consequences. We will also have additional counselors and social workers to support students affected by this incident. We will be deploying an additional school safety officer to our middle school as well."