RIVERDALE, Ga. – Nearly 12 hours after they were reported missing, two little girls were found Friday in Clayton County.

Imani Turner, 3, and her 11-year-old cousin, Adormi Harris had last been seen Thursday at 11p.m., inside their Sterling Ridge Drive home in Riverdale, Ga. They were gone when their caretaker checked in on them at 12 a.m.

After searching the residence for the children, their caregiver discovered that her purse, two cell phones, vehicle keys and tablet had been taken. The caregiver also saw that a stick which had been put in place to secure the door, had been removed.

Beginning early Friday morning, police searched on foot, with dogs, knocking door to door throughout the neighborhood and from above via a helicopter—and police expanded their search as the morning turned into afternoon, from Highway 85 to Flint River and Webb roads.

Just before noon Friday, the two were found barefoot, leaning against a tree in the front yard of a home on Dorsey Road. They told authorities that they slept inside a dog house behind the home. They appeared to be in relatively good condition.

“They are in good health it appears,” Clayton County Police Deputy Chief Joe Woodall said. “But we are taking precautionary measures and taking them to the hospital.”

Woodall said that he does not suspect foul play and believes that they left the house on their own.

Turner's grandmother, Felicia Holt, was overjoyed and bursting with emotion.

"Yes! We got them! Yes! Thank you, Lord. Thank you, Jesus," she said.

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The two children were transported to Children's Healthcare of Atlanta at Egleston for a precautionary screening. They will be returned to their parents upon release.

Police said they believed the girls left the house on their own and no foul play was suspected.

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Harris was reportedly in a house fire and her family told police that she has anxiety, insomnia and post-traumatic stress disorder. She had last seen wearing a night gown when she went to bed. But both girls were found without their shoes, and this morning, the temperature was in the 30s.