This week, there was so much drama and romance on The Bachelorette, it had to be shown two nights in a row.

Rather than wasting four hours watching all of the action, I'll break it down for you.

One-On-One Date 1:

In the first night, Jack Stone gets the one-on-one date with Rachel.

They learn how to shuck oysters and get a dance lesson. While Jack enjoyed their day, Rachel wasn't feeling a connection. She told the cameras the two were perfect on paper, since they were both lawyers from Dallas and the same age. But, the chemistry just wasn't there.

Jack did not receive the date rose and was sent home.

Rose Ceremony 1:

The first rose ceremony of the week saw two men heading home. Jonathan the Tickle Monster got in one last tickle before saying goodbye to Rachel. Iggy was also sent home.

The crew heads off to Norway as they prepare to step up their game in the fight for Rachel's heart.

One-On-One Date 2:

Bryan has the first one-on-one date in the new location. Rachel tests his fear of heights, by rappelling down Holmenkollbakken, the country's famous Olympic ski jump in Oslo.

He secures the date rose this round.

Group Date 1:

While in Europe, Rachel takes the rest of the guys on a group date to play Handball. Of course the guys have to wear skin tight leotards.

But it's off the court where the competition really heats up. The guys woo her with poetry, and smooth moves in the hot tub. Will gets the date rose this round.

Two-On-One Date:

Now comes the moment the entire season has been building up to. Lee and Kenny go on a two-on-one date with Rachel. Their feud is at its boiling point.

Rachel takes the guys on a helicopter ride to the middle of the forest. She talks with Kenny first, about why he can't seem to get along with Lee. Kenny explains he has tried to talk with Lee but he refuses to listen.

Lee tells his side of the story, saying Kenny was aggressive and violent, even ripping him out of a van at one point.

When Rachel confronts Kenny again, he says none of that ever happened.

Rachel is tired of the lies and the games. She decides to leave Lee behind and take Kenny home. But she doesn't give him the date rose quite yet. Before the two board the helicopter, Kenny turns back to have one final talk with Lee. After getting what he had to off his chest, Kenny and Rachel chopper off into the distance, leaving Lee behind.

Back at the hotel, the two have one-on-one time to get to know each other better. Kenny shares his idea of a perfect relationship, which warms Rachel's heart. She then hands over the date rose.

Rose Ceremony 2:

Josiah was pretty confident going into the next rose ceremony. He felt a strong connection with Rachel. But the Bachelorette sent both him and Anthony home this round. Josiah is STUNNED.

One-On-One Date 3: Rachel chooses Eric as her partner to explore Copenhagen for the day. The pair ride on a boat, then check out a local amusement park. The couple even gets cozy in a public hot tub.

Eric realizes his connection with Rachel may be stronger than he thought. He tells her at dinner he is 100 percent falling for her.

Of course she gave him the date rose after that brave act.

Group Date 2:

Rachel puts her men to the test, as Vikings for the group date. They learn to row a Viking boat across a lake. When they arrive on shore, two Viking fighting instructors are waiting to teach them techniques. The group plays Viking games which turn out to be a lot more funny than they are dangerous.

In the final battle, Kenny and Adam go head to head in a sword fight. Kenny ends victorious, but both men suffer cuts to their eyes. There's no bad blood however.

As Kenny talks more and more to his daughter on the phone, he starts to realize how difficult it is to be away from her. He explains his feelings to Rachel. They mutually agree he needs to leave and be at home.

One-On-One Date 4:

Will gets the honor of the final one-on-one date with Rachel. They explore Sweden and the beautiful scenery. The pair is all smiles, but when they make it to dinner, Rachel changes her tone. Will told her he is a romantic, and very affectionate. Rachel said she didn't feel he was romantic with her at all. She decides to send him packing as well.

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Rose Ceremony 3:

For the first time in FOREVER, The Bachelorette ENDS an episode with a rose ceremony.

But unfortunately, Michigan native Alex is the one sent home. We will miss his crazy pants. (Seriously, go back and look at all of his crazy pants!)

Who went home: Anthony, Alex, Iggy, Jack, Josiah, Kenny, Lee, Jonathan and Will.

Who is still here: Adam, Bryan, Dean, Eric, Matt and Peter.

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