"Killin' it with Katie and Kam" is a new segment where two of WZZM 13's employees will look at different ways to stay healthy.

Producer Katie Sakala and Reporter Kamady Rudd look beyond how to stay motivated, with factors money, routine schedules and more.

This week, Katie and Kam sweat it out at Bikram Yoga in Grand Rapids.

The room is 105 degrees, with 50 percent humidity.

What makes Bikram yoga different is the 26 poses and two breathing exercises in every class. Bikram also stimulates the organs and moves fresh oxygenated blood into the body. You can learn more about the benefits of Bikram yoga by clicking here.

Bikram Yoga has two locations, in Grand Rapids and Traverse City. The Grand Rapids studio is located at 4547 28th St. They offer two to four classes a day, an hour and a half each.

You can see their schedule by clicking here.

Bikram Yoga is offering a deal for new clients. 10 days of unlimited classes for $10. You can find more on the newcomer special and regular class rates by clicking here.

Have a fitness idea? Contact Producer Katie at ksakala@wzzm13.com or Reporter Kamady at krudd@wzzm13.com. Follow the adventure on Twitter: @K_Sakala and @KamadyRudd.