Arie Luyendyk Jr. is not messing around. If there's no spark (or kiss) you might as well pack your bags. This statement rang true for a few unfortunate women on week 3's episode of The Bachelor.

The first group date brought the girls to a wrestling ring, to learn killer moves from former GLOW (Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling) stars. While putting on an act worked for some, not all of the girls were receptive to the trash-talking. Bibiana and Tia were visibly upset when the GLOW stars poked fun at names and pulled hair.

But the women dug deep down and mustered the courage to put on their performance for a live audience.

Arie also showed his skills (or lack thereof) in the ring with a special appearance by Pretty Boy Pitbull Kenny King. If you don't remember, he was on Rachel's season of The Bachelorette and was known for his mean wrestling skills.

The night ends with the group date at an Airstream Park, where things got hot and heavy in the campers. Although many of the women were confident they would win the date rose, it was Bekah who came out victorious.

Lauren S. received the coveted one-on-one date, via a plane ride to Napa Valley for wine tasting. She opened up to Arie during dinner about her past relationships and family, but he only seemed interested in his food. Yes, he actually ate on television. This may be the first time a dinner was touched, ever. When the time comes to give out the date rose, Arie held it back, saying he didn't see a future with them. Bye Lauren.

The final group date was the best group date in the history of group dates. The girls were greeted by a stampede of dogs in the park. Who wouldn't love playing with dogs? Apparently Annaliese. She experienced dog trauma as a child, which ABC of course re-enacted. Annaliese says a family members dog bit her when she was young and she almost lost her eye. She became the designated pooper-scooper for the rest of the day.

The rest of the girls practiced performing tricks with the dogs. A live show was held for toddlers, with special guest host Fred Willard. But the dogs weren't interested and neither were the kids.

The group date ended in an old bank building with more kissing. Annaliese became anxious because she still hadn't kissed Arie. Although Becca and Arie had an extremely intimate moment, it's Chelsea who won the date rose.

The cocktail party was a last-ditch effort for some of the girls to secure their places at the mansion. Bibiana set up a romantic stargazing spot to surprise Arie. But, he stumbled upon the location with another woman, and continued to parade all of them to his new favorite make out spot.

Annaliese put all her chips on the table and asked Arie to kiss her. This was her way of knowing if there was something between them. Arie shot her down, saying he wasn't ready. She cornered him one more time, wanting to know where she stood on is feelings for her. That's when Arie gave up, and gave her the boot.

The rose ceremony would only leave one woman without a rose, and that woman was Bibiana.

The remaining 15 girls are now boosting up the charm in an effort to make it to the end.

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