At least two Muskegon Public Schools buildings were in a "soft lockdown" for a few hours Monday, all thanks to a creepy clown post on social media.

Two posts are being distributed on Facebook; one of which makes a mention and shows a picture of Muskegon High School. Students in the middle and high schools were placed under the soft lockdown from the start of the school day until about 10 a.m., Superintendent Jon Felske said.

"The concern that their prank causes, it causes alot of concern for students and parents, law enforcement, school administration, and everybody else and we don't see it as funny at all, that's the opportunity that I would say to apprehend whoever makes these kinds of threats, we will work with the local prosecutor to maximize anything that can be done to them, find something else to do and don't threaten our students," says Felske.

A rash of similar stories have been reported across the U.S. in recent weeks; the Muskegon incident Monday, Oct. 3, is described as a general threat by someone posing as a clown against the district.

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Students were able to get into the school buildings, and administrators were placed outside to monitor the area.

"(Police) increased patrols today in the area of all the schools -- there were no sightings of an actual person," Felske said.

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Extra patrols are ongoing today until the end of the school day.

Anyone who knows anything or sees something suspicious is asked to call the Muskegon Police Department at 231-724-6750 or Silent Observer at 231-722-7463.