Muskegon's former YMCA building has fully transitioned into the Muskegon Community College Lakeshore Fitness Center.

The long talked-about Rotary Park on Muskegon Lake is fully-open.

The burned-out Anaconda Wire building will be gone.

The Carpenter Brothers warehouse site will become a dog park.

The massive Watermark property is seeking tax incentives to that may trigger a mixed-use entertainment complex.

And the city lot not far from all those sites will be around four-acres of green space, marketed as a waterfront development site.

"And if we do not sell it for private development then perhaps it has a role to fill with the recreation trail and the Hartshorn marina," said Steve Gawron, Muskegon Mayor.

Gawron is pleased with the change happening on the short western stretch of the city's main street.

"So much of what you are seeing now in 2016 is the culmination I would say of at least four years of staff time, my time, commission time," said Gawron.

The city's property is adjacent to a city-owned marina, and includes great views of Muskegon Lake.

Ted Fricano hopes to see development at the site next to business.

"Something that people can say that is gorgeous, that fits, that is the brand of lakeshore property," said Fricano.

And says he'll end 2016 with a changed opinion of city hall.

"I think it a beautiful testament to Muskegon's City Hall listening to it's business owners and residents," said Fricano.

Information on the parcel is available on the city of Muskegon's web-site. The asking price is $300,000.