Gov. Rick Snyder says the financial emergency in the Muskegon Heights School District has been resolved.

In addition, a Receivership Transition Advisory Board has been appointed to "ensure a smooth transition to local control and continued financial stability for the school district," according to a press release from the state.

“I was pleased to receive and accept Steve Schiller’s recommendation that the financial emergency in Muskegon Heights schools has been sufficiently addressed,” Snyder said in the release.

“This is a new day for Muskegon Heights and the community is ready to move toward a brighter future. These are important steps as we work together to transition back to local control in the district.”

Snyder went on to say Schiller, and those before him, worked to finalize several critical reforms in the district, so it can return to local control.

The Receivership Transition Advisory Board appointed Friday, Oct. 28, will work closely with local leaders to ensure the school district continues on a path toward long-term financial stability.

The one page news release from the state around noon Friday was so significant to the Muskegon Heights school district that Superintendent Alana Zachery-Ross immediately left an important education conference in Chicago.

She made the four-hour drive back to the district to share the good news with staff and members of the media.

"I see this as a catapult," said Zachery-Ross, "we have turned the page."

Day to day operations for students and staff will not change with the announcement.

"This does give the district board a voice, and that's the elected board," said Zachery-Ross, "we want to continue to move towards an entirely run local school district, and that is what all of our efforts are for."

The financial emergency was declared by the governor in April 2012. The state did not say how long the Transition Advisory Board will be working with the district.

For more information about Public Act 436 of 2012, the Local Financial Stability and Choice Act, visit the Local Government Fiscal Health page on the Department of Treasury’s web site at