The cousin of accused murderer Jeffrey Willis was scheduled to be in court this morning in Muskegon County.

However, the preliminary hearing for Kevin Bluhm on Tuesday, Nov. 29, was adjourned. Bluhm is facing a felony accessory charge relating to the Jessica Heeringa case.

Prosecutors charged Jeffrey Willis with her death.

A new date for Bluhm's hearing has not yet been scheduled.

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A preliminary hearing for Willis is scheduled for next week. Prosecutors are waiting for a judge to decide if the court hearing will be open to the public. Willis' attorney is requesting it be closed.

Earlier: Kevin Bluhm pleads guilty to lying to police about Jessica Heeringa's disappearance

Earlier this year, Bluhm pled guilty to lying to police investigating the disappearance of Jessica Heeringa. He was sentenced to time served, but because of the accessory charge he remains in the Muskegon County Jail.