The Girl Scouts sell their cookies to help pay their expenses. The Boy Scouts peddle popcorn.

And this year, nobody in the state or region has sold more of that popcorn than 10-year-old Mason Schafler of Norton Shores.

“I’ve sold $20,800 so far,” he says.

That amount is a new 13 state sales record.

His father Matt Schafler says Mason puts in a lot of time and hard work selling door to door and at the entrance to supermarkets.

“The secret of his success is hard work, dedication and sacrifice of his own personal time,” he explains.

Instead of emphasizing the popcorn for sale, Mason says he makes sure potential customers know they are supporting the scouts.

“I shake their hands and say I’m here selling popcorn to help fund my adventures in scouting this year,” he says.

“Would you like to help me? They are mostly kind people. Mostly everybody likes popcorn,” he adds with a chuckle.

Mason is using credits he earns from the popcorn sales to buy trophies for his Cub Scout pack, to get a tablet for his younger sister, some kayaks for the family and scholarship money for college.