Old Newsies began selling their Goodfellows Extra paper way back in 1936 -- the 80th edition is hot off the press.

But volunteers will not be selling the paper from intersections in Muskegon County this year.

"As of this year, the attorney general's opinion has stated that street solicitation is now prohibited by non-profits and individuals," says Debbie Mogdis, president of the Old Newsies Goodfellows of Muskegon County.

Mogdis believes it will be more difficult to sell the annual paper. Proceeds from the sale of the paper provide Christmas gifts to children in need. he money is used to buy books, toys, gloves and hats that are given to area youth just before Christmas.

The attorney general's opinion is not law, but the Newsies and Goodfellows are going to comply with the legal opinion and volunteers are adapting to the change.

"We have about 14 business that have stepped out and said, 'I will sell papers on my counter, or you can stand outside of our entrance on December 3rd and sell papers,'" Mogdis said.

And small groups of Newsies plan to sell the paper at various holiday gatherings across Muskegon County.

School teachers and school councilors have turned in their lists of students in need of Christmas gifts. Volunteers will soon be stuffing bags with toys, balls, and clothes. The annual event's future success depends on sales of this year's paper.

The Old Newsies hope to provide toys and gifts for 4,000 Muskegon County children.

The following is a list of area business where papers can be purchased:

Toast-n-Jams, Steak-n-Egger, The Cherokee, Latitudes Market, Waterstone Insurance, Carz-n-Trux, The Lakeside Business District, Russ', Suzi's Village Inn, The Coffee Factory, Preferred Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge, McCroskey Law, Byte Gaming, Kathy's Sewing, Shon Cook Law, The Lakes Mall