The city belongs to them, so leaders in Muskegon Heights say the people should have a say in how the community is developed.

Monday, Nov. 21, the Planning Commission hosted a workshop for citizens to come and share their thoughts and ideas about a 5-year master plan for future development.

“We are updating our city master plans,” explained zoning administrator Mike Franzak. “So we are asking the public to come out and voice their opinions on how they would like to see the community redeveloped.”

Many at the workshop said they want to see a revival in manufacturing, retail and housing.

Whatever it takes, they say, to make Muskegon Heights the vibrant city is once was.

“I would like to see the city become what it used to be,” says Demetria Jones. “A viable downtown community with people milling around shopping.”

“It used to be a thriving city, and I think it can be again,” added Michael Scott DeWitt.

Planners say leaders from all city departments will review input from the workshop. Then they say there will be another session to get more ideas before a final master plan is submitted to the Planning Commission for their recommendation to the city council.

“Certainly we ought to increase our commerce in this town to generate more revenue,” thinks Cedric Scott. “I’m a lifelong resident of Muskegon Heights. I have tons of ideas. Whether or not they want to hear them is another question,” he adds with a chuckle.