Muskegon's historic Frauenthal Theater is again the location for an annual holiday performance by the Mona Shores choir and orchestra. Monday parent volunteers were placing the final decorations on the 67-foot tall stage shaped like a Christmas tree.

Thursday, Friday, and Saturday the students will transform the unique stage into the 32nd annual singing Christmas tree. Students started with rehearsals at the theater on Monday.

Volunteers have been working since early Saturday morning to assemble more than 350-steel pieces that make up the stage. This is the second year they are using an entirely new tree structure complete with 25-thousand LED lights. "It is just a great outreach, it is great to see the kids, it's a kick-off to the Christmas season," said Tony Ross, Mona Shores Choir Association Board of Directors.

The tree holds 240-students, other choir members gather at the base of the tree.