There are new demands for safety improvements at a Walker intersection after a pair of 15-year-old boys, on mopeds were critically injured.

The two teenagers were hit by a mini-van Thursday night at the intersection of Wilson Avenue and Richmond Street NW.

“Yes, that was so sad, so sad,” said nearby resident Jan Slabbekoorn.

“They looked like they were in pain,” said Terry Jordan, who lives on the corner. “I think one wasn’t even conscious.”

People who live nearby say this isn't the first bad accident at the intersection of Wilson and Richmond NW. They say crashes and near misses are routine at the corner.

“We have a lot of wrecks here,” agrees Jordan. “I’ve had a semi in the yard. All kinds of cars.”

“It’s been an issue at this intersection since I moved here with my wife 7 years ago,” says Richmond Street resident Delton Alexander.

Alexander and others have been asking city and state government for a traffic signal or turning lanes to improve safety at the intersection, but so far they say no one is listening.

“I told them they are going to wait for a fatality to happen before action takes place,” says Alexander.
“It’s busy,” says Slabbekoorn. “Something has to be done.”

Residents say that section of Wilson Avenue is under the jurisdiction of the Michigan Department of Transportation.

One neighbor has started a petition drive to ask MDOT for a traffic signal and other intersection improvements.