Nintendo unleashed madness Friday after supply of the much-anticipated NES Classic fell short.

The re-released mini version of the beloved 1985 game console pre-loaded with 30 classic games became available at several retail stores for $59.99 this morning.

But very few shoppers were lucky enough to get their hands on one.

Retailers such as Walmart, GameStop and Best Buy only had the NES Classic available in stores with very limited quantities. Most stores had less than 30 consoles available, some had less than 10.

Walmart, GameStop and Best Buy didn't allow customers to pre-order or buy the NES Classic online so people had no choice but to drive to the nearest store, stand in line and hope for the best.

Target also had a small stock available in-stores and at some point sold the product online, but neither option fared well for shoppers.

Most people who walked away empty-handed from stores this morning, planned on playing their last hand with Amazon.

The online retailer released the NES Classic at 2 p.m. PT.

Thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of video game fans logged on and crashed the site almost immediately. Given the capacity of a massive online retailer such as Amazon, the demand is impressive.

The outcry and devastation from disappointed gamers was evident in Amazon's customer reviews. The NES Classic racked up nearly 1,500 comments and received a one and a half star review, only a few hours after its release.

Many shoppers ripped the online retailer over their frustrating experience in trying to accomplish the near-impossible.

'The horribly botched release of this is why I haven't bought a Nintendo product since the original NES. I'll go back to Xbox One now...'

'What a joke. I'm considering dropping my Prime and teaching my children that Nintendo is a bad product. Hype it up for the scalpers.'

'8 minutes of site crashing, will go other routes next time to try and purchase.'

However, all hope isn't lost.

Nintendo released a series of tweets, promising a restock in the near future.

If you can't wait and need your NES Classic now, eBay has several listed on their site for those willing to pay a steep price.

The consoles are listed anywhere between $300 and nearly $10,000.