UPDATE Nov. 23: Due to heavy rainstorms the musical strips are currently out of tune. According to Vice Chancelor John Barton, the temporary strips will not be replaced right away, but plans for a permanent fixtures could be placed in the future.

COLLEGE STATION, Texas - If you've headed east on George Bush Drive near Texas A&M, you may have noticed a rumble under your wheels. As it turns out, some new road strips are doing a rendition of the Aggie War Hymn.

It's what many Aggies call a sacred song and now it's a soundtrack for commuters.

"It's just a matter of spacing these strips at the appropriate places," said Texas A&M Associate Vice Chancellor John Barton. "So as your tires roll over them, the front and rear axles hit them in the appropriate time sequence to make the 'Hullabaloo, caneck! Caneck!'"

Barton said Chancellor John Sharp came up with the idea about a month ago. Barton and some of his colleagues installed the strips on their own time. The materials were also donated.

The sounds are also getting reaction from those passing by.

"It was really really cool," said passenger Heidi Cook. "At first I thought it was just tracking, like keeping us from going too fast on the road. But then I heard it and I got really excited."

Barton told us that's the whole point.

"When we hear it we all 'whoop' and it makes us feel good and this is just a way to put something out fun for our students, and former students, and community members," he said.

The strips are temporary but Barton said they could become permanent if certain approvals are made in the future.

You can find the strips on George Bush Drive eastbound before Wellborn Road.