A Newaygo boy remains in the hospital after being attacked by two dogs. The incident happened on Tuesday, August 1, on East 96th Street in Newaygo.

"I got home to a truck flying into my driveway asking me if I had a son named Devin," Rose Bates said. "I said yea he's like, 'Well he's been beaten and mauled by two dogs'. I got to him and he was covered head to toe in blood."

Newaygo County Sheriff's Office says Bates' son was riding his bike and was attacked by two dogs that broke off of their cables.

"He was wrapped in their cables all twined in him," Bates said. "He was bitten on the head, the neck, all over his arms, both sides."

Bates said her son underwent surgery for five hours Tuesday night, and went in for an additional surgery on Wednesday night.

"They had to repair both of his ears, he's got cuts across his face, and some of the cuts are four and half to five inches deep."

The incident has left the dog owner's nephew in shock.

"I don't know what happened. They've never been that aggressive to anyone," nephew, Ken Tolar, said. "At the time I had taken my aunt to dialysis. She's a kidney patient, so we weren't home."

Police say the dogs are Saint Bernard and Lab mixes and are being held at the animal shelter.

"They're going hold them for 10 days to make sure they don't have rabies," Tolar said. "But since they attacked a child, we will never get them back, and I don't expect to."

"I want the people who own the dogs to realize this wasn't a simple little accident and it could have been prevented," Bates told WZZM 13 on Wednesday.

A pitbull remains on the property, but Tolar says they've decided to find the dog a new home. It's a move that will hopefully keep a similar incident from happening again.

"If I had been here it wouldn't have happened and I'm sorry from the deepest part of my heart," Tolar said. "I hate seeing anyone get hurt, especially a child."

As the Newaygo County Sheriff's Office continues to investigate this incident, we asked if this owner had any prior incidents. Police tell us back in 2015 they did a condition check on a dog and did find a dead dog inside the home. The owner did not receive any charges from that incident.

Devin's mother says he has a long road ahead of him, they say there is a chance he may not be able to walk on his right foot.

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