A Folsom couple is upset over a lynching comment a teacher made at Sutter Middle School.

An eighth grader at the middle school, Tyler McIntyre, was in his U.S. history class when he says his teacher was discussing a test question.

"He said he was in his history class and they were discussing grading a test that discussed the constitution and one of the questions on the test pertained to equality and his explanation was if you hang one black person you hang all black people," said Tyler’s father Tyrie McIntyre.

"It is a part of history but the matter it was conveyed was not appropriate," said Tyler’s mother Victoria McIntyre.

The parents filed a formal complaint with the Folsom Cordova Unified School District stating the teacher made "racially insensitive remarks."

According to the Folsom Cordova School District, based on an investigation, the school found out the teacher made a reference of "hanging all blacks" as an intended example of states' historic treatment of individuals under the constitution.

"In any personnel matter any disciplinary remedial action taken we're prohibited by law to disclosing," said Daniel Thigpen, Folsom Cordova spokesperson. "We don't want to violate the due process of the teacher. That teacher has been instructed to use more culturally sensitive and appropriate examples in class."

Meanwhile Tyler's parents say he's doing alright but feels embarrassed.

"Embarrassed because he's young, African-American child, and in a school that's not predominately African-American so it makes him feel singled out when statements like that are made in a very insensitive way," Victoria said.

Based on a request in the formal complaint, their son now has a new U.S. history teacher.

Here is the statement Folsom Cordova School District said on this matter:

Folsom Cordova schools are committed to ensuring a safe, inclusive learning environment for all students free from harassment of any form. We take all such allegations seriously and will always investigate them fully and take appropriate action. While we expect that some teachers will use provocative statements and strategies to encourage critical thinking in the classroom, we also expect that they will not use stereotypes or culturally insensitive language that could be hurtful to others. In our investigation, the school found that the teacher did in fact use the alleged language as an intended example of states' historic treatment of individuals under the Constitution, and the comment was not intended to target or harass any student. As a result of this complaint, the teacher has been instructed to use more appropriate examples and strategies in class discussions. Appropriate action will be taken, although we are prohibited by law from disclosing any potential disciplinary actions in a personnel matter.