Some people in Hesperia are afraid patients may die while waiting for an ambulance.

Professional Med Team president Tom Schmiedeknecht says the company is losing too much money on the ambulance and staff they have stationed in Hesperia, They are pulling out at the end of June.

“We couldn’t afford to keep the ambulance in Hesperia any longer,” he says. “Even when we started we operated at a small loss and over the years the small loss became a larger loss to the point it wasn’t something we could overcome.”

The departure of Pro Med means patients in Hesperia who need an ambulance will wait for one to arrive from Shelby or Fremont. Some fear it could be the difference between life and death.

“It could be 15, 20, 30 minutes before they could get here,” says Hesperia resident Bill Franks. “It would be a problem if you were really ill and needed some attention quickly.”

“It stinks,” says Pro Med paramedic Wesley Wallace. “When we live to serve others and make a difference when it counts and then we are told we can’t be there or it is going to take longer, that’s hard.”