The defense team for Ross Harris began Tuesday morning's opening statements saying the death of 22-month-old was Harris' fault.

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"Ross Harris is responsible for a child's death. It's his fault," Attorney Maddox Kilgore said. "Ross has always acknowledged that this was his fault."

Then Kilgore was quick to also point out Harris' sex life, "no matter how perverse and nasty and wrong that we think it is," has nothing to do with Cooper's death.

"His sexting throughout the day was after he had forgotten Cooper," Kilgore added.

According to the attorney, Harris' closet friend said Harris was dealing with "sexual sins in his life" and was reaching out for helping, including confessing to his men's group at church and asking for prayer.

The opening statements, which lasted nearly an hour and a half, also included:

  • Dash camera video of Ross Harris at the scene.
  • Video of Ross Harris crying while in an interrogation room.
  • Video of Ross Harris hugging his then wife Leanna in an interrogation room.
  • Evidence showing Harris was "planning for a future with Cooper."
  • Pointing out Harris is deaf in his right ear.
  • Information that the jury will hear from Harris' ex-wife during the trial.

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VIDEO | Dash cam video of Ross Harris at the scene

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