Attorneys for the prosecution and the defense have completed their closing arguments in the Ross Harris hot car death trial. Jury deliberations will begin Tuesday morning.

The judge has read the charging instructions to the jury. She says jury deliberations will begin Tuesday morning at 8:30 a.m.

The closing arguments got underway Monday morning with about an hour’s worth of statements from Cobb County District Attorney Chuck Boring. Once he finished the “first half” of his closing, lead defense attorney Maddox Kilgore was able to step forth and deliver his closing statement on behalf of Harris.

By time Kilgore completed his statement, about two hours later, Harris, seated at the defense table, was breaking down in tears.

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The judge adjourned the court for lunch at that point, allowing DA Boring to return for the remaining half of his closing after lunch.

After an afternoon break, Judge Mary Staley began her charging remarks.

On Friday the defense brought their final expert witness to the stand before resting their case. When asked if he wanted to testify, Harris stood and and quietly declined. Judge Mary Staley asked if he understood that he had the both the right to testify and the right to remain silent in the case.

"Yes, your honor," he replied.

The state then brought forth a final rebuttal witness -- Edward Stockinger, with the Cobb County Police Crimes Against Persons Unit. Stockinger testified about how unemotional Leanna Taylor appeared after receiving the news of Cooper’s death, court was dismissed.

The jury could receive the case as early as Monday afternoon.

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Ross Harris faces a number of charges, including malice murder and felony murder in the June 2014 hot car death of his 22-month-old son Cooper Harris.

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