Day two of the Ross Harris trial gave jurors the defense’s opening statements and introduced them to the scene of Cooper’s death as the prosecution questioned Jacquelyn Piper of the Cobb County Police Department.

The defense argued that although Harris was responsible for his 22-month old son’s death, it was a tragedy and not a crime.

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Harris’ attorney Maddox Kilgore showed video of Harris in the interrogation room visibly, and audibly, upset and at one point crying on his ex-wife’s shoulder. They argued that this emotion proved that it was a terrible accident.

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Jacquelyn Piper of the Cobb County Police Department then took the stand and described the scene to the jury. She described Harris as very calm and that the emotions he did show seemed forced.

Two witnesses, including one who attempted CPR on Cooper’s lifeless body, also took the stand claiming Harris was "fumbling around".

One of the biggest moments in the trial however, is predicted to be when Leanna Taylor, Harris’s ex-wife, takes the stand.

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