The jury in the Ross Harris hot car death trial has ended their week without coming to a decision. Since Friday is Veterans' Day, the judge has sent them home for the weekend.

After receiving over 1,000 pieces of evidence and hearing the testimony of about 70 witnesses, jury deliberations continued Thursday in the hot car death trial.

Shortly after deliberations began on Tuesday, the jury had a few questions for the judge including requesting the legal definition of the word “wanton” and if they could have the text-based transcripts of Harris’ interview with Stoddard.

Although Judge Staley did not provide the jury with a definition and denied their request for the transcripts, she is allowing the jury to watch the interview Wednesday morning in the courtroom. Along with the initial police interview on Wednesday, jurors requested the opportunity to view the initial interaction between Ross Harris' now-ex-wife Leanna Taylor when she entered the police interrogation room.

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A final request the jury made on Tuesday was to see the life sized mannequin that represented Cooper in which the judge denied since it was not an actual piece of evidence, but a prop used in the recreation of the crime scene.

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