Some families are trying to avoid political fights as they spend more time together this holiday weekend.

It comes just weeks after a heated presidential election and the political issues that have followed.

We talked to some families in downtown Holland about how they are dealing with political differences.

On Friday morning, the Chamberlain family was in downtown Holland for Black Friday. Their annual family reunion includes family members from places like Orlando, Chicago, Charlotte, and Nashville.

"This happens to be where my niece goes to college, here at Hope," says John Chamberlain.

While shopping is something it appears they agreed about, politics is not.

"I avoid the politics because there's too many views, end up having a fight in the family," says one family member.

In fact, Katy Chamberlain already created a meme about the family's political debates.

"The meme was a picture of my face and I was drinking coffee like this and it said, 'When you wake up on Thanksgiving morning and your dad and sisters are already arguing about politics'," says Katy Chamberlain.

This holiday weekend comes just weeks after the heated presidential election and in the midst of new cabinet appointments.

"Especially with having a lot of educators in my family, with the announcement of Betsy Devos as the education secretary appointee," says Paul Van Dop. "It sometimes will get very heated and as soon as the discussions done it's all back to normal and everyone's happy."

For others, the political talks happened on Facebook not while feasting.

"With Facebook the conversation and our viewpoints had been well known in advanced," says Tyler Drake.

"There's a time and place and I guess right now is not that time and place," says Skyler Devries.

"I'm the new one to the family, so I decided with myself that I wasn't going to talk about politics at all," says Danielle Hanko, Skyler's girlfriend.

For the Chamberlain's, there's also a difference of opinion about Black Friday.

"I'm going to go back in here and buy some stuff for my girls," says Holly Chamberlain.

"I want to watch football," says James Chamberlain.

Two of the other Chamberlain's stayed away from the rest of the family during our interview. Off camera, they told us that's because politics is too sensitive of an issue in their family.