Several people posted videos and pictures on social media after a massive swarm of honey bees gathered Tuesday afternoon in downtown Sparta.

The Village of Sparta called local beekeeper Ross Karasiewicz: "The bees are making room in their hive, so what they do to make room, is swarm.

“The strongest queen will go around and get rid of the other queens that are there and she'll be the new queen of the hive," said Karasiewicz, who owns a construction company and bee removal service called Honey B Guys. He says the queen bee likely got tired and stopped in Sparta, to rest.

"All the other bees found her, stayed with her until she was ready to move again."

There were about 25,000 bees. That's a primary swarm. Karasiewicz gathered up the honey bees, without a protective suit, as the crowed watched.

"After six years, you know a bee’s behavior," he said. "You know what they're going to do just by looking at them. They don't get defensive.

"So, I scoop them up and put them into a hive."

Ross says whenever you see a honey bee swarm, don’t go near them and don’t try to kill them. The best thing to do is to call a professional bee removal service who will gladly come out and get them.

The honey bees are now at Karasiewicz’s house in a new hive.

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