Many stores are packed with shoppers, some who waited in line to get inside for Thanksgiving and post-Thanksgiving sales.

And the most successful Black Friday shoppers say there is a strategy they use to get the best deals.
Kristina VanKampen of Howard City says she is buying gifts for 4 children. She waited in line to be among the first inside when Toys-R-Us in Walker opened Thursday evening.

But first she says she studied the ads to see which stores were offering the best prices for the products she wants. Then she visits the business a few days in advance to find out where everything is so she doesn’t waste time looking.

“I’ve been doing this for a little over 5 years,” she explains. “The amount of kids I have, it's a tight budget, so by doing this I save a ton of money and my kids get more.”

VanKampen says she stood in line at Toys-R-Us for about an hour Thursday. Once inside she says she completed her shopping in about 10 minutes and saved hundreds of dollars.