While wrapping her mind around landing her single-engine plane at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, a local pilot needed a moment.

The radio traffic was just released from the Feb. 14, 2016 incident when pilot Cathy Lewan worked with a team of air traffic controllers and aviation officials to make an emergency landing after experiencing a throttle malfunction.

Pilot in distress | My 'SWAT team' of calm air controllers steered safe landing

In the radio traffic, Lewan is corresponding with air traffic controllers Mason Braddock and Keith Tyus. Before she landed Lewan asked Braddock for another favor.

“Would you call my husband for me?”

She also asked him to ask her husband to “put a prayer chain out to my church and ask the whole church to start praying, and everybody else that’s listening….I’m going to be fine cause you’re helping me and the good Lord is helping me, but I always need prayer.”

Braddock’s response was “Not a problem…it’s gonna be fine.”

Hear the full, and at times emotional, conversation in this edited radio traffic.


The air traffic controllers and aviation officials that were involved in the landing are being honored at an industry event in Lass Vegas. The five controllers involved will receive the Archie League Medal of Safety, which is the highest honor from the National Air Traffic Controllers Association.

11Alive's Joe Henke spoke to the group and will have their story on 11Alive New at 5:30.

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