Lice, just talking about it makes your head itch, right? The CDC reports 6 to 12 million people get head lice worldwide every year.

A viewer of our sister station in Texas wanted to know if you can get lice from movie theater seats.

She believes her children and cousins contracted lice from a movie theater and wanted KYTX to verify if that was possible.

Their Verify team checked and found out it is possible, but unlikely to get lice from a movie theater seat.

They were also able to verify that lice is not a personal hygiene or environment cleanliness issue. It's just a human issue.

Another thing they verified is false -- over the counter medicines are effective on Super Lice. Doctors say a prescription is needed to treat lice that's resistant to Pyrethrin over the counter treatments.

VERIFY: Sources

Dr. John Page - CHRISTUS Trinity Clinic

Chad Richardson - 316 Pest Control - 903.372.2773


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