As speculation continues to surround Saturday's boom reported in parts of southern Kent County, WZZM 13's set out to verify if a Tannerite explosion could really be heard from miles away.

Skeptics claim that a Tannerite explosion is too local and there were reports from as far away as Newaygo County.

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But Gregg Glasco, manager of Barracks 616, said it is entirely possible for sound to carry for miles, especially if the conditions are right.

"Sounds travel different if the air is really wet like it was this weekend," Glasco said. "A regular gun shot you can hear about a mile (to) a mile and a half away.

"So Tannerite, you're going to hear all of that."

Other mitigating factors include the amount of Tannerite used, its positioning in a field versus a quarry and if it were placed inside an inanimate object.

Tannerite can be purchased at many local sporting goods stores, but there is a legal limit of 50 pounds per person.

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Gregg Glasco, manager of Barracks 616

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Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives: Tannerite


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