A group called Kent Education Action sent out texts and robocalls beginning yesterday evening and carrying into Tuesday, May 2.

The messages provided numbers regarding the Kent County .9 millage tax increase, so we set out to Verify the claims.

Here is what we learned:

The message reads that the increase will be for an additional $900 of property taxes for every $100,000 of taxable value on your home.

That is false. The owner of a $150,000 home is looking at roughly $67.70 per year in additional property taxes, according to Kent Intermediate School District.

The message claims that this money will go toward superintendents salaries, which are upward of $230,000 per year. There is no proof that this money will be used in that way, but the salary figure provided for Grand Rapids superintendent is correct and there are other superintendents in Kent County making upward of $230,000.

This is according to superintendent contracts on the Mackinac Center's website.

The message is also correct in saying that your tax dollars will be sent out of your district. That's been a widely shared aspect of this initiative in our reporting.


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