It is not just people drinking residential well water near that Wolverine Worldwide dump sites who are worried about their water supplies.

Customers who pay for Plainfield Township Municipal water are also concerned about contamination.

Levels of PFOS water proofing chemicals are not as high in the township water as they are in some residential wells, but there are measurable amounts. And some people who buy and drink the municipal water wonder if any amount of the poison is safe.

“Once it is in your body you can’t get it out of your body,” said municipal water customer Janet Ann Lenic. “It’s there.”

Lenic and others expressed their concerns at a township board of commissioners meeting Monday night, Nov. 13.

Tests show the average PFOS level in the Plainfield Township Municipal water is 8.5 parts per trillion. The current EPA maximum is 70 parts per trillion.

“But any bit of a carcinogen, I don't think anyone wants to drink that,” said Theresa Robinson. “I don't believe anyone wants to drink eight parts per trillion or 70 parts per trillion.”

“We should have clean water to drink, wash with and cook with,” added Lenic. “Water with no contaminants in it.”

“In our judgment you are drinking safe water,” answered township supervisor Robert Homan.

“Would you drink it?” asked Lenic.

“I am drinking it,” replied Homan, taking a gulp from a nearby glass.

The Plainfield Township water treatment plant cannot filter out PFOS chemicals. Leaders are investigating the cost of an upgrade but say, at this point, it does not seem feasible.

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