There's now just seven days until Election Day, Nov. 8.

During a Monday visit in West Michigan, Republican nominee Donald Trump told his supporters if he's elected, he will very rapidly end the "long nightmare of jobs leaving Michigan."

Michigan's top Republican was in Whitehall on Tuesday, Nov. 1, to participate in a celebration at Muskegon County's largest industrial employer.

The company formally known as Alcoa is now Arconic Power and Propulsion. The Whitehall plants are part of a company that operates 29 facilities in nine different countries. Arconic builds aerospace and industrial gas turbine products.

Arconic Chairman Mike Pepper says the company's success is in part because of talented and dedicated employees.

Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder visited Whitehall-based Arconic on Tuesday, Nov. 1.

"People just love this business, this industry, this process, it is fascinating," Pepper said.

Snyder complimented the company on its' success here in Michigan

"They are making products that are in every jet plane out there, and that is incredible," said Snyder, adding that it's his goal is to show Arconic and other manufacturing companies Michigan is the place to be.

While speaking to company executives and workers, Snyder focused his remarks on the improving manufacturing environment in Michigan.

"Michigan is the number one state for the creation of manufacturing jobs in the last five years in the entire country," Snyder said.

Much of Trump's message to Michigan voters Monday focused on jobs leaving Michigan.

Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder visited Whitehall-based Arconic on Tuesday, Nov. 1.

Snyder points out in 2010 unemployment in Muskegon County was higher than 12 percent. He says the rate is now 4.3 percent and slightly lower than the state average.

Snyder says the state needs to continue working hard and not become complacent with the downward trend in the unemployment rate and take advantage of huge opportunity moving forward with skilled trades, robotics and industrial automation.

Snyder wouldn't comment directly on Trump's comments. He says he's focused on state house races here in Michigan.

Like the one Montague Republican Holly Hughes is in against Democratic challenger Collene Lamonte and Max Riekse, a Libertarian.

Snyder says Arconic is an example of the state's manufacturing future, not its' past.

"We are the place of innovation, we are the place of manufacturing," Snyder said.

In Muskegon County Arconic employs 2,200 workers. The only larger employer is Mercy Health.