We still don't know if charges will be filed against a 43-year-old Newaygo man, after police say he shot two men in what is believed to be a road rage incident.

It happened one month ago Thursday on M-37 and Sparta Avenue just after 3:00 a.m. The two shot were brothers, 18-year-old Benjamin Dudley who friends say is now paralyzed from the incident and 20-year-old Donald Dudley was killed in the shooting.

A woman who doesn't wish to be identified, tells WZZM 13 she was driving the car the brothers were in.

"I just think about knowing that when I looked at them laying there I was looking at my boyfriend dead on the ground. That's the thing that messes me up the most," she said.

"This truck came behind us and I was looking out my mirrors and he was on our tail, the car. Donny told me to slow down, so I did. We were putting out our hands out the window telling him to pass us and he wasn't passing us, so I slowed down more. He then turned his 'brights' on and started honking his horn over and over at us."

This woman says it was a back and forth game of speed up and slow down.

"I started speeding up to past him and get done and go home. I went 80 [miles per hour]. I got in front of his truck and kept going because I was done with the situation," she said.

"The second I got in front of him he pulled over to the other lane, like was driving next to us for like a second, the same speed. Then he zoomed up got in front of us and slammed on his brakes almost to a complete stop.

"He started pulling over to the side of the road. Ben and Donny were like, 'Aw man this guy is pulling over he wants to fight, he wants to fight' and I'm like ,'Guys you know, just calm down'. Ben opened the door a little bit, I was stopping anyway because I obviously had to, so I pulled over to the side, Ben and Donny jumped out of the car, then the guy jumped out of his car, they met at his truck door."

"I saw him try to swing at Donny like he tried to hit Donny because I saw Donny backed up from his swing then Donny bear hugged him into his truck. I never saw Donny punch his face or anything like that. Ben was behind Donny. Ben never even touched the guy, Ben did not lay one finger on this guy and the next thing I know I saw Ben flying down on the ground and heard three gunshots. I just remembered seeing Ben lay there."

"I thought he was dead," she said. "I reversed a little bit to get around Ben and when I put the car in drive and started driving away, I saw Donny laying on the ground. I didn't know if he had gotten shot or if he was hurt or something."

The woman drove down the road a little bit to get away from the shooter and called police. Donny Dudley was later pronounced dead.

Friends say Ben is now paralyzed from the waist down and is continuing to get care at a local medical center.
As many await the fate of the man that pulled the trigger.

"I don't think anybody involved today ever planned on somebody being deceased and/or injured in the hospital and/or shooting somebody this morning when they woke up. It's a tragic event with a tragic outcome," Lt. Al Roetman, with the Kent County Sheriff's Department said on May 22.

"The thing that hurts the most is that such a beautiful soul had to die," the woman said.

The Prosecutor's office tells us an announcement on if charges will or will not be filed against Robert Chipman Jr. will happen by the end of the month.

We did reach out to him via social media but did not get a response.

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