Jerry Warrens has lived in Liberty, Texas for eight years.

That's long enough for locals to know him simply as "J.D."

Now, J.D. isn't quite sure where he'll live if his mobile home doesn't make it through the remnants of Hurricane Harvey and its floods.

J.D. was forced to evacuate his home Wednesday after he woke up, stepped out of bed and realized water had started to rise.

"It was time to go," he said.

A friend waded through the waist-high water to help J.D. escape after he initially insisted on staying. He brought two important belongings with him: a phone charger and his divorce papers.

J.D. isn't sure what he'll do when he's able to return home to survey the damage.

"We'll see," he said. "Let the water come down. We'll see what it looks like."

Despite his ordeal, J.D. managed to crack some jokes and share some laughs. But beneath the surface, he's really hurting.

"[It's] heartbreaking," he simply said.