Sian-Pierre Regis was in Paris when his mother left him a voicemail that he will never forget: “I just got fired, just want you to know that. Call me. Bye.”

His 75-year-old housekeeper mother, Rebecca Danigelis, had been working in hospitality for as long as Regis could remember.

“We were raised above a hotel,” Regis says. Danigelis raised two boys by herself in Boston, above the hotel that she worked in.

“I was always very aware of the fact that everything she made went into our mouths,” Regis remembers about he and his brother’s upbringing. She cashed out her 401k to help Regis go to college, and he went on to live his dreams, while hers were set aside.

Then she got fired.

Regis decided it was time for his mother to live her dreams. He wanted to help her live her best life, and he wanted them to do it together.