Grand Rapids voters turned out by thousands at Rosa Parks Circle on Thursday to conduct a peaceful protest amid Donald Trump's presidential win.

Organizers said the goal is not to incite physical violence, but rather to come together as a community to help minority groups in the United States.

"This is us all together, all together as people, not as blacks, whites, latinos, this is all of us coming together as human beings," Ariadna Ramirez Guerrero, a protester said.

The protesters took over downtown Grand Rapids for a few hours Thursday evening blocking streets, to take a stand.

"I want more people to realize, its not hopeless right now. There is solidarity in the masses. We will stand by the people who are scared right now because of the misogyny and the horrible things Trumps says," Amanda Stevens another protester said.

Some of the people we spoke with say they hope by continuing to fight and hold similar rally and protests, Donald Trump will be forced out of office, while others, still have hope this presidency can bring the country together.

"It all comes down to the president-elect Donald Trump. He has the power to unite us not divide us," Joshua Haggard, a rally goer said.

Several said they're disappointed in the American people for electing someone that does not believe in American values.

Grand Rapids Police officers were surrounding the area to help continue to keep the peace.