Jeff Reed from Michigan Paving and Materials wanted to support the 4H Club at this year's Ottawa County fair. So, he bought a hog from a 4H'er... and donated the meat to 'Community Action House.' They help people get food, clothes, shelter - in general, they do a lot of great stuff. So - boom - they've got a ton of food thanks to Jeff.

But, there's a secon half to this. The 4H'er Jeff bought that hog off of is Eric Headly. Eric took the money from selling the hog he raised... and gave it to Barnabas House. Barnabas House is in Zeeland. They're a shelter for kids help and a place to sleep.

There's so much good going on in this story, it's not even funny. Jeff's helping 4H by buying the hog. He's helping Community Action House and hungry people by donating the hog. Eric is helping kids who need hot food and a warm place to stay by donating the money from the hog. Eric even has a Facebook page, called 'Pork With a Purpose!'

Can everyone just get awarded One Good Thing today? Yeah. Let's do that.
Jeff and Eric - you're both awesome. And finally - thanks to Erin Cantaldo, who wrote int to tell me about all this. Erin also says: "Ottawa Food ( made the connections to make this donation happen. Other businesses interested in doing something similar can contact Lisa Uganski to find the best way to donate:"

If you have a One Good Thing you'd like to submit - someone or something that makes West Michigan a good place to live - email me with your story, your pictures or your video - to

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