Bonnie's Blossoms is a non-profit that delivers blossoms and encouraging messages to people who are battling cancer.

Julie Dreisinga and her husband started the charity after his aunt, Bonnie Postma passed away. They say she was a spectacular gardener which is, in part, what inspired the non-profit.

Recently, Mrs. Kraay's fourth grade class at Woodbridge Elementary made a donation.

They're constantly filling a jar in class, and choose different charities to contribute to. This time, it was Bonnie's Blossoms. And, they collected and gave enough to get flowers for three different people.

Julie says they ultimately started the non-profit to let cancer fighters know that they are not now - nor will they ever be - alone. Bonnie's Blossoms and Mrs. Kraay's fourth grade class at Woodrbidge get today's One Good Thing.

To learn more about Bonnie's Blossoms, check out their Facebook page.

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