Forty-five percent of Republicans and 16 percent of Democrats say they probably won't accept the results of the Presidential election if their candidate loses, according to a new NBC News / Survey Monkey poll released Friday.

The poll of over 6,000 likely voters conducted Oct. 20 found 46 percent think Hillary Clinton won Wednesday's final debate. Thirty-seven percent think Donald Trump won and 17 percent said neither won.

The biggest headline that came from the debate was Trump's answer to whether he would accept the outcome of the election.

“I will look at it at the time,” Trump said. He followed that up Thursday by saying he would accept the results "if I win."

After saying in the first debate he would accept the outcome, he has followed that up with accusations the election is "rigged," claiming there is widespread voter fraud. He has also claimed the media has conspired against him.

Among all likely voters in the poll, 31 percent said they either were unlikely to accept the election results or definitely would not if their candidate lost. Forty percent said they definitely would accept the results and 28 percent stated they probably would.

On the Republican side, here's how it breaks down:

Definitely would accept - 21 percent

Probably would accept - 32 percent

Unlikely to accept - 27 percent

Definitely won't accept - 18 percent

On the Democrat side:

Definitely would accept - 60 percent

Probably would accept - 22 percent

Unlikely to accept -9 percent

Definitely won't accept - 7 percent

Among independents:

Definitely would accept - 35 percent

Probably would accept - 33 percent

Unlikely to accept - 16 percent

Definitely won't accept - 14 percent