Gilbert, SC (WLTX)- When Bertie Clardy Scragg was younger, she remembers her mother fight for women's right to vote. She hasn't missed an election since.

She's 102 years old now and although her memory might fail her at times, her sense of humor is intact. Her secret to a long life she says is lots of joy, love and boyfriends.

Scragg does remember one thing very clearly, "we use to give people rides to the polls." How politically involved her parents were and how she grew up valuing her right to vote.

Now, she's still the one who rattles up the family to go vote but they have to drive her to the poll.

She's lived through 18 presidential elections and says this one is by far the most divisive. She's happy to see a woman running for president but says she will always vote on a values ticket.

The first president she voted for was Franklin Roosevelt and she's looking forward to vote in person on Election Day.