One of just two West Michigan counties to vote for Clinton was Muskegon, the other Kalamazoo.

In Muskegon County, Clinton's edge was just 678 votes. The result leaves a number of Clinton supports unhappy with the outcome.

Linda Sharp of Muskegon parked Wednesday, Nov. 9, at Pere Marquette Park to reflect on the election. Sharp has been drawn to the beach since a child.

"It totally relaxes me," Sharp said.

Another Clinton supporter was walking the boardwalk along Lake Michigan.

"When ever I have troubled times, this is where I come," Gary Kochin said.

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Kochin says this boardwalk is his go-to spot during life's difficult moments.

"He has insulted almost everyone, women, immigrants," said Kochin, talking about Trump.

Sharp and Kochin were shocked by the Clinton loss to Trump.

Katrina Kochin joined her father Wednesday morning. Both father and daughter share the same concern about the victory by Trump.

"I am devastated, I did not anticipate this outcome," Katrina Kochin said. "I am scared for friends and family that are LGBTQ."

Sharp says the election results remind her not to unplug from the political process.

"It is up to us as Americans to try and help them do the right thing," Sharp said.

"I hope we can all find some peace," adds Katrina Kochin.

Gary Kockin says depending on how the Trump presidency goes, he might be at the beach more often to reflect on the state of the country.