Exit polls show much of Donald Trump's support came working-class whites across a multitude of states.

In Michigan, traditionally the "bluest" of states, much of his voter support came from suburbs and rural areas, like much of conservative Ottawa County. We went to the small town of Borculo, where residents say that the rural areas were underestimated this election.

"It seems like the mood is upbeat, like it was a victory for us," says Dave Bos, a Borculo resident. "I think as a business owner, things need to be shook up in this country, we've been kind of hammered down for a long time."

We didn't see many Trump signs in the immediate area near the center of town. However, the quiet community seems to be quietly celebrating.

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"I actually went to an election party last night around here and everybody was for Trump, it was a good time, everybody was happy," Luke Siriano said.

"I think change is what this country needs," said another woman who lives in Borculo.

Each has a wish list for Donald Trump once he officially moves into the highest office in the land.

"I'd like a lot of the factory jobs to come back, I know a lot of people who have been displaced by jobs," says one woman.

"Reorganize the taxes and cut government spending," says Bos.

"He plans on getting rid of Obamacare, which will be a good thing because it ended up being very expensive for a lot of people," Siriano said.

Those might be ambitious requests, but the residents say the small towns have been underestimated before.

"It's a different lifestyle out here, a lot of stuff we fend for ourselves, we have animals, we hunt, we fish, different stuff like that and we felt that Hillary wanted to take a lot of that stuff away," says one woman.

"The media had it right last night, where they weren't listening to all the people in the rural areas and concentrating on the metropolitan areas," Bos said.

Not everyone in Borculo was overly enthusiastic about Trump. One man described Trump as the lesser of two evils, saying he was the best option they had.