KUSA – The polls will close on time in Colorado.

A Denver District Court judge ruled that the Democratic Party couldn’t prove system outages suffered earlier today were the sole cause of longer lines.

The Democrats had filed an emergency petition for a two-hour extension.

The state’s voter registration system went down for about 30 minutes today, and the Democrats argued that caused some people not to vote.

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“The foregoing systemic failures of the Secretary of State’s electronic pollbook systems have resulted in voters being unable to vote because they have been unable to wait for the voting systems to be reestablished or repaired … ,” according to the filing. “A preliminary injunction will preserve the fundamental, constitutional right to vote.”

The Secretary of State’s office opposed the extension.

“We oppose the request for an extension on the grounds it’s not needed,” spokeswoman Lynn Bartels said. “Nobody was denied the chance to vote.”

Registered voters received their ballots more than a month ago, and people who showed up to the polling places today during the outages were given the option to cast provisional ballots, Bartels said.