A second #notmypresident rally is scheduled for Saturday in downtown Grand Rapids. A few of those who will be in attendance spent Friday night preparing for the event.

"We want to actually make a peaceful rally and not make it violent," 17-year-old Francisco Beltran said.

The young man planned poster preparation ahead of Saturday's rally. But even if he was of age to vote, as a U.S resident he cannot vote. But he says, that doesn't stop him.

"Your voice counts," Beltran said as he wrote #notmypresident on a white poster board.

At 17, Oralia Gonzalez cannot vote either, but she still feels angry.

"Towards the people that voted for him, and that actually believe what he is standing up for is right," she said.

But there isn't much anger towards the people that chose not to vote.

"That's our right, our right to say who we want to become President," said Cami Salah, another protester. Salah wants to be clear: the frustrations are just towards one person.

"Its not like we’re Democrats, he’s a Republicans and we don’t want a Republican in office," she said. "He represents something we’ve never seen in our American history before, we’ve seen it in other countries but it resembles more of a dictatorship than it does a presidency."

The group is expecting thousands to show Saturday evening.

The rally will start at 5 p.m. at Rosa Parks Circle.