If he won't step down, some leaders in Caledonia want the governor to remove newly elected village president Todd Grinage from office.

They say he is unfit because he is serving a 60 day sentence for third offense drunk driving and if he doesn’t quit they will ask the governor to remove him under MCL168-383.

But Grinage say he will not step down. He spoke to reporters Thursday before returning to his jail cell under the Kent County work release program.

“My conviction of a DUI has nothing to do with what I can do for the village and the people who live there,” he says. “I’ve lived there all my life and there are issues there I can resolve to make it a better place to live.”

Voters overwhelmingly elected Grinage to the village president position Tuesday, even though he was in jail.

"My DUI was not a secret," he says.

Andrew Rodenhouse, the attorney representing Grinage, says in the years since Rick Snyder took office, he doesn’t know of a single instance where the governor has used his power under MCL 168.383 to remove an elected official, even when there were more serious offenses involved.

"And it does not appear Todd violated the statute," says Rodenhouse.

The village “leaders” pushing Grinage to resign are unknown. Grinage says Village attorney Mark Van Allsburg contacted him on their behalf.

“The conversation was between me and Mark Van Allsburg,” confirms Grinage. “Under the statute he gave me I was to step down before this went public.”