Attendance wasn’t up to last week’s numbers at watch parties for the first Presidential debate.

But West Michigan Trump and Clinton supporters did gather to watch the running mates Tuesday night.

It was mostly Democrats watching at the Wealthy Theater in Grand Rapids. The simulcast was sponsored by the non-partisan World Affairs Council of Western Michigan.

“It is a really great crowd,” said programming director Erica Kubik. “I think they are excited to hear the vice presidential candidates speak.”

A room full of Republicans were together watching at Trump headquarters in Plainfield Township.

“It is actually a lot more people than we expected,” says Trump Michigan campaign director Scott Hagerstrom. “We had to borrow some chairs from the business next door.”

Whatever the numbers, the watch party sponsors and organizers seemed pleased people came out to listen and learn.

“There is some cheering already,” said Kubik, reacting to applause at the Wealthy Theater. “Clearly the audience is engaged.”

“People came out and are just learning more about the vice presidential candidates,” said Hagerstrom.

The debate Tuesday night will be the only meeting for the vice presidential candidates.

The second of 3 Presidential debates is coming up Sunday night.