It's the last debate before the elections and now both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are doing whatever they can to round up as many votes as possible.

As of now, the rolling average on Real Clear Politics shows Clinton leading by almost 11 points in Michigan.
A Clinton supporter we spoke to said despite her email scandal, she's a good person and a quality leader this country needs.

"Hillary, you know, life is complicated and there's a lot of people saying a lot of things that make up a lot of stories about what happened and she apologized and I believe her," Clinton campaign volunteer Steve Depolo said. "I can relate to the different challenges she's had in her life and when people dedicate her lives to trashing you-- you have to look through all the smoke into the real person, you can tell that she's a good person, she's a great leader."

Trump's skeletons also came to light during the election, most recently a leaked video. A Trump supporter we spoke to said Trump is the only candidate who can restore accountability at the federal level.

"He needs to continue to talk about the bad trade deals we know here in Michigan how terrible TPP will be for our country and Hillary Clinton has called that the gold standard, she supports that," District chairman for Trump campaign Matt Hall said. "I think if Donald Trump continues to push his message of protecting our borders, fighting voter fraud and defending and having good trade deals, we will win this election--Donald Trump will be the president of the United States."